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Welcome to the Bokkenshop.co.uk.

Our aim is to bring you the very finest in genuine JAPANESE made wooden weapons. All our wooden weapons (bokken, Jo etc.) are all imported directly from JAPAN to insure that you, the customer get the best quality weapon at a very realistic price.

The bokken and other wood products carried by bokkenshop.co.uk are made through very traditional methods incorporating new advancements in technologies to ensure every piece is made to a perfect standard.

Each piece is made only from carefully selected wood that undergoes several selection measures throughout the entire manufacturing process.  This happens under careful visual examination by the expert craftsmen. By using modern technological innovations to provide consistency and general shape of every weapon, each piece is then put through a painstaking 12 step hand sanding process.
Only at this point is the weapon finally polished and lacquered.

This results in a strong, well-balanced, and perfectly weighted weapon that will serve you well in years of training.

Please don't be fooled by imitations on our competitors site, that are generally produced in China or Taiwan and don't have the durability, weight or superb balance of our products.

If you study a Japanese Art isn't it only correct to use Japanese weapons?