Bokkenshop offers an extensive product line of Jo staffs. Unlike laminated pieces, it is the solid wood that creates a real wood sound when hitting Jo against Jo. These Jo staffs are used among lots of Aikido and Jodo practitioners in Japan, for the superior quality of the wood and craftsmanship.

4.21 Shaku Jo

The most popular Jo, among all Budo practitioners.
Available in Japanese Red Oak and Japanese White Oak.

Three diameters are available(24 mm, 27 mm and 30 mm).


 Red Oak 24 mm Diameter

 JO24R        44.99


Red Oak 27 mm Diameter

JO27R       49.99


  Red Oak 30 mm Diameter

 JO30R       54.99



White Oak 24 mm Diameter

JO24R        44.99


White Oak 27 mm Diameter

 JO27W       49.99


White Oak 30 mm Diameter

 JO30W       54.99



JO Book

JB     10.99