We introduce to you, four different and unique models for Suburi practice. From the ancient times, the Suburi has been the everyday training method in the world of Samurai warriors to develop their physical shoulder strengths and strong spirits. All one-piece solid wood. Made in Japan  



Regular Suburi Bokken

This traditional style Suburi Bokken is popular nationwide for its weight and balance. A great way to strengthen your grip, forearms and shoulders.

SRSB          £64.99



Oar Shape Suburi Bokken

The oar shape Suburi bokken is said to be derived from the legendary master, Miyamoto Musashi who shaved a wooden oar when meeting his lifetime rival, Sasaki Kojiro at the Ganryu Island. This oar shape style is much heavier and harder to control, it is recommended for an intermediate and an advanced practitioner. It is also great for displays.

SOSSB       £74.99




Musashi's Oar Suburi Bokken

This is a replica of an oar shape Bokken which Musashi used for his most famous and his last duel at the Ganryu Island against Sasaki Kojiro Ganryu. This bokken is not just great for display, but a recommended Suburi Bokken if you want to strengthen your forearms like Musashi’s. 

SMOSB      £149.99